Southeastern PA

patchwork, natural dyeing, walking, gathering, images, poetry, quotes

…longing and the unknown within the comfort of the known, tangible, literal, family line, the place, trees, hills, weeds.  so, the Now is the Season and the sensation, the surface-L.Fort

LFort 11/18/2016:


keeping track of thoughts:

  1. a friend said, through knowing me, he realized he could make art right at home.  True, you can be an artist in residency where you reside.  Walking and collecting…
  2.  I think I want to make functional art. Galleries are temporary.  Imagine the patterns on your grandmother’s sheets and the smell of them.  The sheets were used and are no longer around but the memory is there.  Other objects and smells might remind you of those sheets.  The functional object is tactile, used, lived with.  In a gallery setting, it is interesting to isolate an object.  to put like items together.  that is also very compelling, tells a story or at least implies a story or history….there is not enough wall space in the world but plenty of people for quilts. maybe it becomes individual…like my rock collection…

3.  A life of practice, whatever it is.

4. …heard in yoga… in a pose, “give it your most”.  and I realized it is your most in that moment which may be better or worse than last time or next time.  just be the best you can be at all times.

5. I found a new emotion:  one.  No longer surprised by connections or coincidence.  THere are universal symbols I choose not to ignore.  I’m still happy and I’m still sad.  Overall it’s contentment.  (I was at Arcadia University Art Gallery seeing Pati Hill photocopy art and she approached things the way I have or am)

6. In love there is a second where you aren’t thinking anything at all.  Love includes this moment, love being many things.




May Sarton:

“I’m hunting for the truth.  It might be a kind of poetic truth, and not just a actual one, because behind everything that happens to you, there is another truth, a secret life.”-Anne Sexton

Rilke on Rodin:


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